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How Do You Use The Test Kit?

Step 1:

Rub your middle or ring finger until it is warm with good circulation.

Step 2:

Rub clean the side of your middle or ring finger with the cleansing swab until the liquid dries.

Step 3:

Remove the yellow safety device from the lancet. To activate the lancet, hold it against your clean finger and press the yellow button.

Step 4:

Press or queeze your finger until a large enough drop of blood has formed.

Step 5:

Hold the capillary below the puncture site and allow the blood drop to draw into and fill it.

Step 6:

Pierce the film of the buffer tube with the capillary stick and insert into the tube until tightly bound.

Step 7:

Shake these both vigourously until the blood and buffer have mixed well.

Step 8:

Remove the cap from the buffer tube and open the test.

Step 9:

Place 3-4 hanging drops from the buffer/capillary tube onto the application window of the test cartridge.

Step 10:

Press the 'Start timer' of the app immediately and incubate sample for 15 minutes until you hear a beep.

Step 11:

Check there is a visible control line on the test cartridge for analysis.

Step 12:

Press 'Scan test' in the app, align the on-screen template with the test cartridge.

Step 13:

Then hold your smartphone horizontally and parallel to the cartridge for it to trigger the camera and calculate the vitamin D reading.

Step 14:

Log in to the website and submit your test result.

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