Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has powerful effects on several systems throughout your body. Vitamin D deficiency is very common. One of the risk factors of Vitamin D deficiency is muscle pain.

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Vitamin D deficiency compromises muscle function and is related to the etiology of several clinical conditions that can contribute to the development of disability. However, there are few epidemiological studies investigating the association between vitamin D deficiency and the incidence of disability. Read the article
“Sustaining your vitamin D ranges: Research have proven that individuals with increased muscle mass have excessive ranges of lively vitamin D of their physique. Additionally, vitamin D helps in growing the energy of the muscle mass.” Read the article
“We don’t need vitamin D from food or sunlight every day. But if you don’t get enough over a longer period of time, you won’t have enough vitamin D for good health – known as vitamin D deficiency. This is very common in the UK – around one in five adults and one in six children don’t have enough vitamin D.” Read the article
“Muscle aches and weakness - this may be marked, is usually most noticeable in the quadriceps and glutei, and can result in difficulty in rising from a seating position, or a waddling gait.” Read the article
“A review found all of us require the equivalent of at least 10mcg each day but millions could be missing out. Vitamin D is made in the skin by sunlight which is the main source during spring and summer. Scientists have been unable to say how much is made through exposure to the sun so have recommended taking pills for the rest of the year.” Read the article

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