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A simple test with a little drop of blood.

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Based on your result we will supply you with the most suitable strength of Vitamin D.

Why is Vitamin D so important?

There are a wide range of health conditions which can be adversely affected by low Vitamin D Levels. It is important to our body and health systems that we maintain the correct levels of Vitamin D as either too much or too little can cause significant health issues.

That’s why an accurate test is important to help keep us healthy!

Flexible plans

Pay as you Go

One test kit and supplements
£ 39
One time payment
  • Vitamin D test kit and a minimum of 6 months Vitamin D supplements. Simply reorder when your Vitamin D is running low

Subscription Plan

Fully managed Vitamin D plan
£ 19
per quarter
  • Vitamin D test kit automatically delivered to you every 6 months and a personal supply of  Vitamin D based on each result submitted.
Best Value

Save 10% when you pay for a year upfront

What conditions are linked to Vitamin D deficiency?

vitamin d Getting Sick or Infected

Getting Sick or Infected

vitamin d Fatigue and Tiredness

Fatigue and Tiredness

Vitamin d and Back pain

Bone and Back Pain

Vitamin d and Depression


vitamin d Impaired Wound Healing

Impaired Wound Healing

Vitamin d and Bone Loss

Bone Loss

vitamin d and hair loss

Hair Loss

Vitamin d and muscle pain

Muscle Pain

vitamin d Pregnancy and Children

Pregnancy and Children

vitamin d and diabetes


Vitamin d and covid 19


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