Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has powerful effects on several systems throughout your body. Vitamin D deficiency is very common. Evidence suggests vitamin D is vital for a healthy pregnancy.

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Assess if early pregnancy (≤14 weeks of gestation) 25‐hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] level is associated with risk of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). 25(OH)D concentration was measured at the first prenatal visit, and a 75‐gram oral glucose tolerance test was performed at 24–28 weeks of gestation. The results of the logistic regression showed that a low 25(OH)D level was the only factor associated with GDM. A low 25(OH)D level in early pregnancy was associated with increased risk of GDM. This finding might be useful in predicting GDM. Read the article
Significant association with protective effect of Apa1 polymorphism (Vitamin D receptor) in children with asthma. Read the article
“I recommend getting your levels tested, as most of us do not get anywhere near enough sunshine to fill our body's Vitamin D quota. Although the reasons are still being evaluated, healthy levels of Vitamin D have been linked to improved outcomes in pregnancy.” Read the article
“Mean 25(OH)D rate of change during pregnancy was directly associated with BW z-scores, and increased LGA and preterm birth risk.” Read the article
“Conclusion: Vitamin D deficiency and inefficiency are common in children with low energy forearm fractures, especially in obese children and in fractures requiring surgical treatment.” Read the article
“Increased supplementation of VitD (600 IU/d) for premature newborns with BW < 2 kg is effective in increasing both total daily intake of VitD and serum levels of 25(OH)D.” Read the article
“Crucial in supporting the development of your baby’s bones, teeth and muscles, Vitamin D is a key nutrient during pregnancy.” Read the article
"" Read the article
“Although foods can provide Vitamin D, you can’t obtain enough through just your diet,” Zumpano explains, “so, in many cases, a supplement is suggested.” Read the article
“Recent data revealed that as high as 76% of Indians have insufficient Vitamin D levels. “ Read the article
“At this point, women who conceived in the spring or summer are be in the depths of winter – when they get less vitamin D because of a lack of sunshine. Danish researchers therefore believe the lack of vitamin D triggers changes in the placenta which may lead to pre-eclampsia.” Read the article
The current guidance on sun exposure should be followed: 10 to 15 minutes of unprotected Scottish sun exposure is safe for all. Once sunscreen is correctly applied, vitamin D synthesis is blocked. Staying in the sun for prolonged periods without the protection of sunscreen increases the risk of skin cancer. Read the article
The new information generated has for the first time clarified the specific effects vitamin D has on critical events in very early pregnancy. It is especially important for stimulating the healthy development of blood vessels in the womb and also appears to affect certain immune cells. Read the article
Vitamin D deficiency impairs the absorption of dietary calcium and phosphorus, which can give rise to bone problems such as rickets in children, and bone pain and tenderness as a result of osteomalacia in adults. Read the article

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