Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamin D Supplements


Vitamin D Supplements


Why Vitamin D?

At Your Personalised Vitamins, we’re all about educating people about the effects that Vitamin D deficiency has on the body. Did you know that in the UK for 6 months of the year, we don’t get enough sunlight for most of our bodies to make enough Vitamin D naturally? This can have all sorts of affects on your body, sleep cycle, mood and more.

So where does YPV come in?

YPV Vitamin D supplements come in 5 strengths (400, 800, 1,000, 4,000 and 20,000iu). Our wide range of supplement strengths ensures that you can find the perfect level to suit you, whether your deficient and looking for a boost, or just trying to take Vitamin D as part of your daily routine!

YPV offers you Vitamin D supplements individually, or as part of a subscription plan which takes the hassle out of keeping healthy.
If you’re unsure about which level you should be taking, try the SmarTest Vitamin D Home Test kit which will tell you exactly where your Vitamin D level is. Once you register your results, you’ll get 6 months of Vitamin D FREE, and tailored to you!

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