– Quarterly Plan –

What do I receive with my YPV quarterly plan?

You will receive:

  • 1x YPV SmarTest Vitamin D Home Test Kit every 6 months
  • 6 months’ FREE Vitamin D Supplements every 6 months*

What is the SmarTest Vitamin D Home Test Kit?

The SmarTest Vitamin D Home Test Kit allows you to measure your Vitamin D level from the comfort of your home. You will receive a quantitative result from the test, and 6 months’ worth of FREE YPV Vitamin D Supplements that are tailored to your level. You will receive the supplements once you have registered your test result on our website.

Do I need to send my test result off to a lab?

No, you will receive your quantitative Vitamin D result from the app you used to take the test. You can then enter your result on our website to receive your personalised level of Vitamin D supplements.

How many Vitamin D Supplements will I receive?

You will receive 6 months’ worth (one bottle) of FREE tailored YPV Vitamin D supplements every six months after you re-test your Vitamin D.

*Vitamins delivered after result are submitted to website.

Step by step video guide:

Phone compatibility

Our test kit requires a smartphone to check the result and as not all devices are compatible with our App. Please check compatibility before purchase.

Download the app from the appropriate store and launch the app on your phone. If the app displays a “Device is not supported” message, then unfortunately the smart phone is not compatible with our Vitamin D test kit at this time.

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