Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic and the strain that this has had on the NHS, we are temporarily selling our Vitamin D supplements individually from our website, at the lowest possible price.

Initially during the pandemic, the NHS was offering and recommending Vitamin D supplements to those at a high risk from Covid-19, to help protect and strengthen their immune systems and keep them healthier.

We are offering our supplements individually without the need for a plan and with FREE delivery as part of our program to try and encourage more people to start taking Vitamin D, to protect their immune systems, and to help the NHS not get overwhelmed.

If you are taking Vitamin D and are concerned about what level you should be taking, we will continue to offer our subscription plans, where you receive a Quantitative Vitamin D home test kit, which accurately tells you what level of Vitamin D you should be taking, according to your current level. This test can be taken in the comfort of your own home, and the results submitted online, where we then send you your 6 months of Vitamin D supplement according to your personal result.

Strength options

400iu (180) Take one per day

800iu (180) Take one per day

1,000iu (180) Take one per day

4,000iu (180) Take one per day

20,000iu (180) Take one per week

Free next working day delivery (When ordered before 2pm)


Free delivery

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