Vitamin D Supplements - 800iu (180)

Our 800iu Vitamin D supplements keep you feeling good!

Why take YPV Vitamin D?

We recommend you take our Vitamin D supplements all-year round to keep your vitamin D level optimal. In the UK, we don’t get enough sunlight for 6 months of the year to produce our own Vitamin D, so it’s recommended that adults take Vitamin D supplements to keep themselves in the best health possible.

Having an optimal Vitamin D level means that your immune system is stronger, and you shouldn’t suffer any symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.

How can I work out my Vitamin D level?

If you want to find out your Vitamin D level, you can use our YPV Vitamin D Home Test Kit. The Test Kit can be done entirely at home and gives you a quantitative result. You will then be advised which level of Vitamin D you should be taking.


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